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We have created long-standing relationships with some of the most reputable banks in the Asia-Pacific region, Caribbean, Central America, and Europe that gives us the opportunity to provide our clients with the best options based on their needs and requirements. We can arrange accounts in any major currency in addition to online banking and the most exclusive and prestigious payment cards.

Opening bank accounts are becoming increasingly onerous. Many banks will only open accounts for companies that have been introduced to them by a recognized service provider. All banks now undertake increased due diligence not just when opening accounts but also when operating them. Different banks require markedly different documentations. The required documentations are generally voluminous and complicated as many documents require not just certification by the company secretary, but notarization in the jurisdiction of incorporation.

In short, it is increasingly difficult for clients to attend to account opening procedures on their own. It is therefore strongly recommended that Exsilium should assist with a bank introduction and with the preparation and submission of the necessary paperwork. Of course, clients are free to choose their own banks but generally, the account will be opened far more quickly, cheaply and efficiently if banks are known to, and are recommended by Exsilium are used.

The majority of banks which we work with allow accounts to be opened remotely. All banks in Hong Kong, for instance, requires a meeting with the bank manager in Hong Kong with at least one of the company directors. We will usually advise and accompany you if you are required to meet with the bank. For remote accounts, we hold all the necessary forms at our offices and after consultation with you, we will complete them on your behalf.

Applications are carefully reviewed by Exsilium and will only be submitted to the bank after all bank’s criteria are met. We are familiar with the way documentation is required to be presented to banks and what is needed to meet their due diligence and KYC (Know Your Customer policies). Applications with high risk and other contentious business activities are not honored as to not bring Exsilium, banks or jurisdictions’ reputations into disrepute. To open a corporate bank account, you’ll need to meet the basic due diligence requirements of the bank. These include providing a certified copy of a valid passport, proof of address (i.e. utility bill), corporate documentation and a business plan with a clear understanding of the business activities of the company.

All of the banks we provide account opening assistance with offer full online banking services so that you can manage and access your account online. The banks we cooperate with are able to issue the most exclusive and prestigious payment cards to our clientele. We can also assist in obtaining merchant accounts enabling you to accept payment by credit and debit cards.

Services offered by our partner banks:

  • Multi-Currency Accounts for 25 world currencies 
  • Foreign Exchange
  • 24/7 customer support in various languages
  • Bank Guarantees and Letters of Credit
  • Brokerage & Asset Management
  • Personal Banker
  • Same day international payments
  • Online Banking
  • Visa, MasterCard, and American Express payment cards
  • eCommerce
  • Forex Operations
  • Safe Boxes
Our role is largely to facilitate the bank account opening process and make an introduction. 
We do not have any control in the ways, manners, and process of banking approval.

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